The world’s most spectacular marathons

Some never bore of the London Marathon – indeed there are 15 people who have run every single one ever held – but for the slightly less obsessive, a bit of variety is preferable. So here’s a quick look at some other options, from the extreme to the wacky.

The Big Five Marathon in South Africa

North Pole Marathon – the world’s coolest marathon

The North Pole Marathon bills itself as “the world’s coolest marathon”, and not many people would argue. This race isn’t even run on land; it’s run on frozen water. The same travel company also offer trips to Antarctica if you fancy running on both the top and bottom of the world…

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Crane collapse near Providence Tower in Docklands

A crane snapped in half near the Providence Tower development in Docklands this afternoon leaving one workman with serious head injuries. 

Fire crews attended the incident this afternoon when the crane partially fell, with paramedics retrieving the trapped man and sending him ‘as a priority’ to the Royal London Hospital.


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Man with hairy back posts advert offering £20 to shave it

A Romeo who wanted his back shaved before a ‘hot date’ posted an advert online offering £20 to anyone who could do the job.

The shaggy Casanova was looking for a stranger to visit his home in central London to groom him before the mane event.

The anonymous advert on the internet forum Reddit offers cash for the extremely odd job and estimated that it would take less than half an hour.


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Detox for fish turned pink by neglectful owner’s Skips-only diet

A tropical fish has been put on a diet by staff at the Sea Life London Aquarium – after her previous owner fed her on prawn cocktail Skips.



Her junk food lifestyle hadn’t just left her green around the gills – she had turned pink from the colouring in the crisps.

But now staff have put her on a healthy diet of grapes and bananas, she is back to her natural shade of grey.

Gerty the Gourami fish was given to the aquarium when, at 16 inches long and 9lb, she grew too big for her owner’s tank.

Sea Life London now has a whole display dedicated to “tank-busters” – fish donated by private owners after they grew too big for their homes.

Curator Jamie Oliver said: “I have never heard of a fish being fed crisps.

Gouramis usually eat a diet of fruit and vegetation but fortunately Gerty doesn’t appear to have suffered any ill effects from her unhealthy addiction. However, we would not recommend feeding fish crisps of any kind.”

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